Organizational Partners & Sponsors


McCormick Taylor and Associates

McCormick Taylor uses critical thinking, strategic focus and innovative problem-solving techniques to understand the goals of clients and the needs of the public. They embrace every opportunity to pioneer change and help transform communities into stronger and more vibrant places to live, work, learn and play.

Their mission is to successfully advance transportation improvement projects through sound planning, engineering and design. With every project, their goal is to provide long-term solutions that improve the quality of the communities they serve.

Launched in 2008 by a team of artists, educators and entrepreneurs, (LCO) is a non-profit dedicated to music, education and support for artists. They create innovative programs for kids, host concerts for the community and help artists build their careers and their connection to the region.

LCO is committed to building relationships with schools, community groups and other arts and civic organizations. In seeking to connect all kinds of people through all kinds of music, they support existing efforts and create partnerships that can spur new opportunities for kids and adults.