Mentoring, Guest Speaking, etc.

Did you know that students with mentors tend to attend school more often, get better grades, are more likely to go to college, and obtain a career focus? Here at Freire Charter School, we invite individuals to play an active role in the development of our children. Your one-on-one relationship will provide consistent support, guidance, and concrete help at a time when positive role models may seem elusive. The goal of mentoring is to help our students gain the skills and confidence to be responsible for their own futures. Your attention, positive example, and leadership will not only benefit our students, but, also, provide you with friendship and an opportunity to improve the community. If you have the time, desire, and stability to be a positive influence in a child’s life, contact Freire so we can establish a time to meet.


In the same light as our mentor program, our students also prosper from adult tutoring. Children possess many different learning-styles that can be greatly impacted by a dedicated and imaginative tutor. At Freire, academic excellence is much more than good test-taking and we hope your tutoring will provide a more holistic learning environment for our students. By sharing your interests and wisdom with a student, a bond is formed which can lead to an exchange with great potential. We want to empower our students to succeed in a technologically advanced workplace and competitive higher-education settings.

Guest Speaking
For those that cannot make the weekly commitment for tutoring or mentoring, guest speaker opportunities exist. When a successful adult takes the time to share their education, career experiences, and skills, everyone benefits. Many times, a guest speaker will discuss a career or topic which our students never knew existed. This is at the heart of our mission, to open the minds of our students to new possibilities and endeavors. We believe every member of our community has something to share which can positively influence Freire.

Hosting a Student at your Workplace

Parents and members of the community can also host a Freire student at their place of work. Also known as “shadowing,” students gather unique knowledge of the job market/world? when experiencing it firsthand – knowledge that would have otherwise been off-limits. Showing your career’s daily demands will stimulate questions in your “shadow” and present hand-on opportunities (where appropriate). Learning by doing and experience makes boundless career options tangible and obtainable for our students. Hosting a student is doubly important because it also provides more motivation to do well in school and encourage future-oriented responsibility.