Congratulations to the following students who are Freire’s Student of the Month.

March 2015

Name: Jade Wells-Bradley
Grade 9: Open-minded.  Analytical.  Compassionate.  Inquisitive.  These qualities are hard to find in most people but somehow you encompass all of them, effortlessly.  Jade has a thirst for knowledge and a ferocious appetite for success.  Your positive attitude is consistently shown and you constantly push yourself to exceed your own personal limits.
Name: Tatyana Powell
Grade 10: 
It is evident that Tatyana is a model citizen when seen in the school setting.  She holds herself to a certain standard of etiquette that allows her to be successful academically, in the extracurricular, socially, and within the community as seen during the 10th grade community service trip.  She reads her environment and peers so well and is so patient that she never intrudes.  When it is her turn to speak she is articulate, direct, and poised.  These are the qualities of a goal-oriented student.
  Name: LaShay Stevens
Grade 11:
LaShay walks into every class with a warm welcome for her teachers and is ready to focus and engage.  She pushes herself and does not give herself a break; LaShay is a student who is driven and is constantly striving for more, better, higher.  Her smiling face and thoughtful insights are a true highlight in the classrooms of the 11th grade team.  LaShay is a true SUPER Dragon!
Name: Zahkeyah Allen
Grade 12: Zahkeyah Allen is the complete package:  She’s a stellar student-athlete, gets straight A’s in all of her classes, and still finds time to volunteer with Freire’s middle school students.  Throughout the rigor of her advanced coursework and the stress of college applications, Zahkeyah has remained focused, positive, and mature.  She pushes both her peers and her teachers to be their best selves, and is ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile to achieve success.  We are so excited to guide her through her final weeks as a Freire Dragon!