Welcome, College Counseling Office

Students at Freire Charter School take four years of exclusively college preparatory courses in high school and are, thus, well-prepared for the rigors of college.  The question for a Freire student is not “Should I go to college?” but rather “What college should I attend?”  The following information is designed to help guide both families and students alike through the complex, and often complicated, world of college admissions.

While most of the information on these pages pertain to Juniors and Seniors, please keep in mind that planning for college starts much earlier.  Families of younger students should most definitely be discussing future career paths and the importance of good grades with their children as well as devising a plan for saving for college.

Together we—as school, parent, and student—will honor each other’s opinions and experiences to find a college or university where each Freire student will be able to continue down the road of self-discovery that he or she began upon coming to Freire years ago.