Welcome, Head of School

Welcome to Freire Charter School.

Since 1999, Freire Charter School has been a catalyst for unlocking the potential of some of Philadelphia’s most underserved youth. Where many other schools have failed, Freire Charter School has achieved excellence for our children through a rigorous college preparatory program and a commitment to peace and nonviolence in our community – both within our walls and beyond.

The faculty and staff at Freire help create a caring community with clearly-defined expectations and boundaries. The environment our school provides is one in which our students feel safe enough to take the risks necessary for learning. By providing a safe place and encouraging individuality, students achieve both academic and emotional growth that prepares them for the challenges they will face in college and beyond.

The atmosphere at Freire empowers each student for growth, both inside and outside the classroom. By engaging with our community, Freire students are disproving stereotypes and improving their neighborhoods. Because of our high standards and our commitment to each individual student’s potential, we are closing the gap between educational experiences that may have failed our children in the past and the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.

At Freire Charter School, we are building the future, one student at a time. Welcome. Please take a look around – we think you will like what you find.

Kelly Davenport, Ed.D.
Head of School