Congratulations to the following students who are January’s Students of the Month:

January 2015

Name: TyJae Murray
Grade 9: TyJae has consistently displayed three characteristics that have qualified her as an exemplary member of the 9th grade team.  TyJae is successful academically, she is present and punctual for class each day, and she is a selfless team player.  When TyJae notices that one of her peers is struggling, she volunteers herself as a peer tutor.  Thank you, TyJae, for setting an outstanding example for the rest of the 9th grade, for working hard each day and for setting high expectations for yourself.
Name: Mamadu “Du” Barry
Grade 10: 
Even though he didn’t join our school until the 2nd quarter, “Du” began exemplifying the traits of a Freire Super Dragon from day 1.  He is polite, hardworking, and consistently exceeds expectations academically.  He always gives 100%, on homework assignments or on tests.  Not only does Mamadu ensure that he is working to his maximum potential; he also makes a conscious effort to help his peers achieve at the same level, all while exhibiting great patience.  Mamadu is the epitome of a well-rounded, mature student who will do INCREDIBLE things.
  Name: Josephine “Jo-Jo” Chukwuani
Grade 11:
Jo-Jo really shined this month.  Demonstrating that she is truly committed to her success, the 11th grade teachers would like to recognize Josephine for being an exceptional person and student.  As a student, Josephine improved her grades in EVERY class with consistent hard work that earned her first honors in Q2.  She does not accept anything less than the best for herself and will keep working until she masters the material.  As a person, she has shown to be kind, respectful, and filled with positive energy.  Shine on, Josephine!
Name: Terrell Parish
Grade 12: Terrell is halfway through his senior year and his drive and determination has not let up.  He continues to impress his teachers with his focus and work ethic.  Terrell is determined to maintain his grades and we are looking forward to seeing him grow as he prepared to head to college.  Keep up the great work!