Congratulations to the following students who are January’s Students of the Month for their outstanding deeds from September:

September 2014

Name: Jalen Scott
Grade 9:
Team 9 is proud to nominate Jalen Scott as its first SuperDragon of the school year. Jalen is already proving himself to be a motivated, mature, and thoughtful student who is certainly going places, with a 90% or higher in every single class! Jalen has shown that he has what it takes to be a successful student and is a phenomenal role-model for his peers.  Keep up the great work Jalen!
Name: Sahmeer Washington
Grade 10: This student naturally demonstrates the “No time to waste” attitude. With a swagger that distinguishes him from the masses and eyes that absorb any new bit of information, Sahmeer Washington is ready to demonstrate what he has learned and is already capable of through a holistic educational philosophy. Education is ongoing for him. In Spanish, he presented his ability to perform a Class Story from memory. He shares his knowledge.  He will support any team or individual that needs him, while giving the proper attention to his own needs.
  Name: Kelsey Fletcher
Grade 11:
Kelsey Fletcher has exhibited consistent dedication and drive so far this year. She contributes positively to her classes and works well with her peers. Additionally, Kelsey consistently tackles every challenge with the utmost care and effort. She has shown she knows what it takes to be a successful junior.​
Name: Saleemah Knowles
Grade 12:
Saleemah has started off senior year with a drive not seen in many of her peers. She has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and this dedication shows in her grades. Saleemah is currently maintaining all A’s in her 6 demanding senior classes. She comes to class ready to work and is extremely respectful to her peers and all Freire staff members. Keep up the good work, Saleemah!