Congratulations to the following students who are January’s Students of the Month for their outstanding deeds from December:

January 2014

Name: Charlie Nguyen

Grade 9:
Charlie brightens up each and every 9th grade classroom with his positivity and zest for learning.  He has an unrelenting curiosity, and his thoughtful questions and comments contribute to some great class discussions. His study skills and organization are top-notch, and he is always prepared for class.  Charlie is not only an academic powerhouse but also a great team player.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand to his classmates, and during group activities he helps keep his team engaged.  Outside of class, Charlie is an active member of the Freire RoboDragons, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of TV and movies, and he does a mean “Cupid Shuffle.”  Charlie’s enthusiasm, hard work, and friendly manner make him this month’s SuperDragon!
Name: Elijah Hayes

Grade 10:
Elijah has stood out to every single one of his teachers since the first day of school.  His quiet confidence and his humble intellect help contribute to a very “college” feel in all of his classes.  Whether he is taking on a Biology topic no one else wants or choosing the most difficult essay topic in English, Elijah has built a reputation as someone who challenges himself on a daily basis.  He is not content with just getting by or just getting the good grade for the sake of having a good grade. Elijah seems motivated by the hunger to learn and to grow as a young man.  It is because of all of this that his teachers proudly select him as the SuperDragon for this month.
  Name: Chris Warrick

Grade 11:
The 11th grade teachers would like to recognize Chris Warrick as this month’s SuperDragon.  Chris has a newfound commitment to his studies and it has paid dividends thus far.  Chris brings a strong work ethic and an aura of positivity that the teachers have all taken notice of.  Chris has been consistent throughout the school year and takes challenges head on with great enthusiasm that invigorates his fellow classmates.  Keep up the great work, Chris.
Name: Jarred Jallah

Grade 12:
Jarred has faced the academic challenges of senior year with focus and determination.  His grades remain among the highest of his peers and he maintains discipline in completing all of his work.  In addition, he acts in a professional manner inside and outside of the building.  Through his display of work ethic, maturity, and professionalism he serves as a model for what college readiness looks like.