Congratulations to the following students who are November’s Students of the Month for their outstanding deeds from October:

November 2014

Name: Rasaan Floyd
Grade 9: Rasaan has demonstrated what it takes to be a successful Freire student.  He is focused, hard-working, and brings a positive attitude to class every day.  He is inquisitive and curious, eager to make connections between the topics he is studying and the world around him.  All of these qualities have allowed Rasaan to get off to an excellent start to his high school career.  Awesome work, Rasaan!
Name: Kadrisse McIntosh
Grade 10:
Whether it’s tying in a historical event to the current social climate, or flexing her slam poetry skills, Kadrisse is truly a remarkable student.  She brings an unbelievable energy to class each day.  She pushes her classmates and teachers to dig deeper into the issues we explore in class in an authentic way.  Kadrisse wears her individuality on her sleeve and proudly shares her passions for music, politics, and life.  For being unafraid to be original and committed to her academics, we are proud to announce Kadrisse as Team 10′s December SuperDragon!
  Name: Jade Love
Grade 11:
Jade Love always has her eye on the prize.  She is unfailingly persistent in not only completing work, but in making sure she understands concepts and turning in high-quality work.  She continually raises the bar for herself, making her a model student who embodies the Freire way.  She is also an active participant in extracurricular activities, making her work ethic all the more remarkable.  The 11th grade teachers are proud of and impressed by her!
Name: Wendall Sancho
Grade 12: Wendall continues to impress his teachers and peers on a daily basis.  He comes to class prepared, focused, and ready to learn.  Wendall is engaged in the material he is learning and demonstrates a genuine interest in learning.  Not only is he on point with his own work, he is also a leader and positive influence among his peers.  Wendall truly embodies what it means to be a SuperDragon!  Keep up the great work!